McPherson Fit

Here is where fitness, fashion, food, and fun meet up and hang out. I'm a former fashion designer/current personal trainer and fitness instructor balancing my two passions (fitness and fashion) and diligently working to bring out the best in myself and others. 

Pedal Spin Studio:

"Pedal Spin Studio ROCKS! I was looking for a different workout that did not involve running and I decided to try spinning. After my first intro class with Cindy, one the owners and one of most upbeat people you will ever met, I was hooked.  That was about a year and a half ago.  Pedal Spin is staffed by great people, shout out to Marguerite, and you'll feel at home the first time you walk in. . Pedal provides the towels but you'll have to pay for bottled water if you forgot yours. 

There are plenty of class times, but the easiest for me as a teacher are the 445pm classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. If these times work for you, then you're in luck since both of the classes are taught by Dana McPherson.  If you've never taken Dana's class then you have really, really been missing out!  In my opinion, a successful class requires two things: a teacher who is encouraging, challenging and motivating and a play list that's both inspiring and upbeat to help get you through the climbs. Dana's got all that going on! 

One thing I really like about Dana's class is that she's constantly mixing it up, it's not the same thing over and over. You'll laugh, you'll sweat, you'll work your ass off and you'll feel so accomplished when you finish the class.  If you're in the mood for an epic experience, come check out Dana's class on Monday and Wednesday at 445."

ATP Specific Training:

"I've been going to ATP fairly regularly since October, when I had a knee injury (from running) and sought a workout that was low impact but still high intensity.  ATP Training was a fortuitous find!  I don't have enough nice things to say about the staff or the workouts themselves.  Each instructor has his or her own style, but they are all professional, upbeat, knowledgeable, and invested in the growth and transformation of all clients.  

If you get the chance, take a class with either Tracey or Dana.  Tracey (the owner) is a peppy powerhouse.  On your way in and out of the studio, you'll see a wall of workout videos she's made--and it helps you realize that this studio and her classes are the culmination of her lifelong passion.  Dana (TRX or Tidal Wave) will give you the impression, from your first interaction, that she trains clients as part of her ministry; she is personally invested not only in your growth "on the field" but in who you are.

It's also worth saying--ATP gives you results.  I am much more toned than I was when I began at ATP, and my fitness level/abilities are much more versatile than they were when I was just running every day.

Bottom line: ATP gives you results in a comfortable, professional, and friendly environment.  Definitely worth a try."

"I started coming here when I bought a Groupon package for six classes.  I had been going to a trainer at my gym and wanted to specifically learn TRX.  The trainer taught me the basics, but I wasn't getting what I wanted out of that.  

The TRX classes at ATP are exactly what I wanted.  I learn something new each time and they're both fun and challenging.  After my Groupon expired, I renewed my package.  I can see myself coming here for a long time.  The classes are small and you get a lot of tailored instruction.  I exclusively take classes with Dana -- the best instructor I've ever had by far!!  Her Tidal Wave class is fun too and I like how the group has to work as a team.  I highly recommend trying ATP if you really want to reach your fitness goals. This place has helped me tremendously."