McPherson Fit

Here is where fitness, fashion, food, and fun meet up and hang out. I'm a former fashion designer/current personal trainer and fitness instructor balancing my two passions (fitness and fashion) and diligently working to bring out the best in myself and others. 


Fitness is my second career. I have a degree in Fine Art and worked as an accessory designer for over 10 years. My husband and I were married in 2003, and after 4 years of marriage, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. The gym became my refuge- it provided an outlet for stress while helping me to stay healthy and strong during the difficult four years that followed. After my husband's death I realized that design was no longer my passion- fitness and helping other people to overcome their life's challenges by finding their strength was. I enrolled in AFNA, got ACSM, Spin and TRX certified and started teaching and training. I love how rewarding my job is, I love spending my days encouraging my clients, I love that what I say most frequently is "great job" (and I mean it!).  Helping people to be their best selves is a privilege that I am proud to have.

My two strongest areas of expertise are weight loss and working with those that are new to fitness. I work almost exclusively with women. My experiences have made it a priority to help women overcome adversity by finding their own strength.